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Horizontal Directional Drill Lisp

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Hey guys,  I have a HDD bore I'm working on getting a rough sketch into autocad.  I have over 60+ rods on some of the drills.  I am wondering if there is anything that asks for typical rod length and then I can import either a .txt or excel file to get rod angles from?  The lisp I am looking for would, in this case, put polylines 15 feet long, back to back, at the respective pitches (-31%, -31%, -29%) which I converted into angles in degrees.


Let me know how I can go about this or if anyone wants more information.  Thank you.




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Here is a simple example:

(defun c:foo (/ d l p)
  ;; RJP » 2020-10-13
  ;; Depths
  (setq l '(0. 3. 7.5 12. 15.5 23 33 43 100))
  ;; Rod distance
  (setq d 15.)
  ;; Start point
  (setq p (list 0. 0. (car l)))
  ;; Make lines
  (foreach x (cdr l)
    (entmakex (list '(0 . "LINE")
		    '(8 . "RODS")
		    (cons 10 p)
		    ;; Set point + distance and at Z value in list
		    (cons 11 (setq p (list (+ d (car p)) (cadr p) x)))


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