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Model space scale vs layout scale


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When i copy paste from model space to layout i need to reduce size of objects by 1 to 10. 


I must use different dimstyles for same object once it is displayed on a vp. Of course this happens once i add dimensions while in layout space.


When i use the command CHSPACE, objects are moved with proper size.


Of course printing must be considered.


How can i force same size of objects when cut paste from model to layout space and vice versa?

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WHY??? why can't you leave everything drawn full size in modelsapce and use a viewport to view the objects in a layout using the viewport scale, this is how 99.9% (OK 99.9% is made up 😜) of users do it and is the recomended method. The reason you are having a hard time making this work is it is not meant to be done this way. Yes CHSPACE is designed this way.

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There are many reasons for my question.


For example I need to keep two sets of dimstyles for each scale. one for layout and one for model space.


also when I use "Export layout to model" I need to enlarge the result 10:1.


also as I said when I copy from model to layout I need to resize (reduce) by 1:10. (e.g. - I copy elevations and sections from model to layout)

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