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Can't select anything, no objects, grid won't toggle


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AutoCAD suddenly doesn't register any objects within the drawing (I can't select anything, ctrl + A does nothing, QSELECT says there are no objects). The grid won't display (says it's too dense).

Could possibly be a layer issue? I've tried a few different things - I can still draw in the drawing, but can only select the new lines/circles/etc.. If I delete the layer that I'm drawing these new things on, it deletes EVERYTHING.


Been looking for solutions/trying things online for over an hour. I'm very new to AutoCAD (used it in high school but it's been a while) and I think I've just inadvertently toggled some weird view or something. First time I've ever had to post in a forum for advice for anything gah! I've attached the drawing file so hopefully someone more familiar with the program can see what's happening! Using the free trial of AutoCAD2021. Thank you very much for your help.


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Aha! Solution for newbies like me! The issue was I was in MODEL down the bottom rather than PAPER.





Grid is still messed up and too dense but I'm sure it will be an easier fix. Can now select items again and objects exist.


Sorry to clog up the forums... Murphy's Law the solution only appears once you've asked for help... :)

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That is a strange drawing.  It has a viewport but nothing in ModelSpace.  The drawing is set up for metric so the grid Aspect needs to be set to 20 or 50, etc.  As you discovered you were inside a viewport in a layout but no objects are in ModelSpace.

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If you are just picking up AutoCAD again, then now is the time to stop any bad habits, as mentioned you have everything in a layout, that is bad practice. You should be using model space (and the model space tab) to draw any geometry and everything you draw in model space should be full size. A layout should only be used when it comes time to printing a drawing and it is in a layout that you decide what size paper you are going to use and viewports are used to work with scaling the drawing to fit onto that paper.

If you start doing that now it will make your life much easier into the future.

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