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How do you get started with annotations?


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My work place recently upgraded us to new mobile workstations with the new subscription based autocad. I jumped from a 2014 LT to a 2021 full blown version so there are a lot of features i am catching up with, one of the old features I never had any clue about is annotations.


Is there a step by step guide for annotations and how to use them? In my mind, it is as simple as adding dimensions and texts to any object/line and it scales to 2mm on the paper when i print it out regardless of viewport scale. But it is somehow more complex than that? I need to set Annotative scale and Viewport scale?


Somehow I am just not able to wrap my head around this topic, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Start by telling us where you are going to place these annotations.  Will they be placed in model space or in paper space?  What do you know about annotative text?

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If you are placing the dimensions and annotations in paper space, they will appear at the scale you designate, no adjustment necessary. It's only when you place them in model space that you have to worry about annotative scale. That's a feature by which model-space text appears at the same height no matter what viewport scale you use. It gets complex because you have to assign each scale to each item.


Annotative is helpful when you use the same text on multiple plans, because when you update it, you only have to update it once. Otherwise you'd have to change it everywhere it appears.

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