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pCon Planner - free design/render tool

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Not sure if anyone here has tried pCon Planner before but if you haven't and you do office/furniture layouts you might want to take a look at it. They offer a free version and a paid "Pro" version. I am trying the free version and I must say that I am impressed with what you get with the free version (you do have to register). I guess manufacturers pay to get their products in the library. If can open.. (dwg, dxf, dwt, 3ds, dae, fbx, gltf, ifc, obj, pdf, sat, skp, stl, fml and env) formats. Save as dwg and import/export the above file types as well. So yes...one can use this to convert dwg to sketchup and back ;)
You can import a dwg and then use pCon's tools to lay in 3D walls, door and windows and then start populating with furniture and equipment. It also has a very nice rendering engine that can use 1 of 3 engines (OpenGL, OSPRay and Yafaray) to render your layouts. It seems to be more for EU users in metric but us that use feet and inches can setup the units for our needs. Here is a test layout and render that took me about 30 total to do. It's basically drag-n-drop, add some materials and click render.

pCon render.jpg

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