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restrain precast beam to side of a column


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I started a Revit cource some time ago but due to the Covid regulations this course has been suspended for unknown time.

We only saw the basics so far. Now I try to learn it by myself (internet, youtube,...).


Now I'm trying to draw a concrete frame: precast concrete column with corbels and a precast concrete beam on the corbels.

I used a standard family for the beam and I made a family for the columns (just two heights at the top of the column).


So far I have this: see attachement



I can draw most of it, I can change the column and beam geometry.

But I have one problem. I always want 20mm between precast beam and column.

The beam has a "installation tolerance" variable of 20mm. So I draw the beam between the sides of the column and I have this 20mm.

But when I change the column width, the beam doesn't change with it.

And I can't figure this out. I should add some restraints I think but it never works wright.


Anyone can guide me the correct way?


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