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Advice about version of programme


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Hello! I need some advice on AutoCAD!

The question is: our organization has moved back to remote work. What version of the program would you recommend to install on a laptop, taking into account that we need to use 5 computers simultaneously with "WorkTime" and "Zoom"

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Honestly if you have good PC specs the current version will work just fine. I use 2021 on my 4th gen i7 based PC with 16 gb ram, 512 sata ssd and GTX 650Ti and it works just fine.

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I agree.

If you have employees that have extremely old computers but they still need Autocad 2021- there are still multiple solutions.


In 2020, I think most companies have solutions for their employees to be able to work from home like remote VPN access and/or webmail.


But another solution is to use a service like shadow that has a monthly subscription fee.  It is commonly used for gaming but how it works is you are basically assigned your own computer with a standalone windows 10 install and a few terrabytes of cloud storage space. 


So it's basically an entire computer that can be used however you see fit (including autocad or other software).


The computer specs are basically like a top of the line gaming PC with fiber optic internet connection and immense memory capacity.


The only latency is between your computer and the service.  So it does require a somewhat decent broadband connection.  It's still really new.

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