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What was the first version of 64 bit AutoCAD.


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What was the first version of 64 bit AutoCAD and did it run on Windows 7 & did it support VB.net programming?

Could that version run on Windows 10 today? 


Thank you,

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I used to run Autocad Architecture 2008 on an old 64 bit Vista machine and it seemed to work just fine.


I once had an issue with hatches and 3d objects crashing the program but i later found out it was a DLL file that was somehow deleted/corrupted.  Fortunately, the repair feature was able to fix it.  But it did take me a few days to figure out exactly what was going on. 


But that's the only issue I ever had.

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I'm not huge into the more technical/programming side of Autocad but from what I can tell online Autocad 2008 does play nice with VB.net.


Using VB.net, You can apparently run VS2005 with Autocad2008 as well as kind of a pallete window inside of autocad.


There was a long discussion about that here:




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