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Setting distance/ space between objects

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1. How to set distances between two objects?

2. Say I want to place a circle within a rectangle and I want to set a distance between one side of the rectangle and the adjacent point of the circle. How can I do this?


Thanks for your help in advance.

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I always place a line from the mid point in the square, rectangle, whatever to the other side  and then click move and then select from the center of the circle then tell it to select the mid point of the line. But that's just me and my AutoCad is an older version.

 Now if you want it off center just move it over however far you want. The move command asks you to select  the object you want to move, then asks from what point to move it (center, tangent, etc.) and then asks for the distance to move it.

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Part of this depends on whether or not the rectangle with the circle is symmetrical or if the circle is in an arbitrary position with relation to the rectangle.  If the two are symmetrical it's a much simpler matter as you can use midpoints as berzerker points out.


If you know you want that distance to be 12", you could simply use the offset command and offset the circle 12".   In this case, 12" from the right side of the circle would be the edge of the rectangle (not so much finding a tangent point as much as using the nature of geometry to your own advantage for the sake of simplicity).


The process would not be as simple if the rectangle were at an angle.  But the same basic geometric idea would apply, just at the same angle as the rectangle - if that makes sense.


Once you get the rectangle and the circle drawn you could then use an array command to project as many as you want (in a line or in a polar/circular array).

If the distance varies in a repeating pattern, one could create a block for each sequence and copy the pattern as many times as you needed.


The offset command would probably be your best friend though.  If, for no other reason, to check your work in the end.



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Then I don't know if the question might have something to do with snap or using the coordinate's box like in my left hand bottom corner that tells me how far I've went or if he wants to check distance. You can take that question in a few ways.

The snap would be determined on what it set at. 

Although I probably would have just drawn the rectangle and then drew my circle wherever I was going to put it. Just two commands., no moving.

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