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Can you flatten a spline??


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I've produced a spline. In order to flatten it, I need it to first be in the form of a 3D object but I can't extrude it because it is not on a single plane. How do I flatten a spline? (And by flatten I mean make the width 0, not project the object onto a plane)

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Hi Becca!


You can extrude it following the lines below:

  • Create a circle of any diameter. If possible, small diameter according to the length and deflections of the spline. E.G: For a spline length of 6 meters diameter shall be 0.1 m. The length of a spline you can measure with a command: _lenghten.
  • With a command _3Drotate make the spline perpendicular to the plane of the 2D circle.
  • Use command:
    • _extrude
    • Mod
    • Solid
    • path
  • Select the polyline
  • Then you can flatten the 3D solid created in a process above
  • The center line of flattened solid (pipe) will be your flattened polyline.

I may not have fully understood the problem, in this case, sorry.
My text may contain grammatical errors, sorry, my English is not perfect.


Kind Regards,


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