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To split up dwg into multiple files


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Hello everyone. I have trouble to split up one dwg into other dwg which object is only inside the boundary. I have done with this method: create boundary (by closed polygon) to which object I want to save-trim outside boundary-save as the modified dwg-undo to previous dwg (so i get back my original dwg objects) and repeat to the first step. Is there any lisp to solve my problem? It takes too much time with my traditional method. Thanks in advance.

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Rather then using polylines for selections you can use your current view. found here


(defun GetScreenCoords ( / viewname viewdata vctr vwidth ctrx ctry xmin xmax ymin ymax)
(command "-view" "s" "tempview")
(setq viewname (tblobjname "view" "tempview")
      viewdata (entget viewname)
      vctr (cdr (assoc 10 viewdata))
      vwidth (cdr (assoc 41 viewdata))
      vheight (cdr (assoc 40 viewdata))
      ctrx (car vctr)
      ctry (cadr vctr)
(setq xmin (- ctrx (/ vwidth 2.0))
      xmax (+ ctrx (/ vwidth 2.0))
      ymin (- ctry (/ vheight 2.0))
      ymax (+ ctry (/ vheight 2.0))
(setq ptlist (list (list xmin ymin) (list xmax ymin) (list xmax ymax) (list xmin ymax)))



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