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Edit title block fields of different drawings from a single Excel spreadhseet


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Hi everyone,

I've got the following problem:
I have a lot of drawings and I need to edit the single fields of each of their title blocks by editing the values in an Excel spreadsheet.

I've searched on the web but I couldn't find an optimal way to achieve this.

I've found many tutorials regarding sheet sets; the problem is that many of the fields I need to edit are different from each other (in other words, I need to edit the "Date" field of each drawing, that can be the same, and it should be ok... but I also need to edit the "Material" field only of certain drawings, and that wouldn't work). Excel-driven title blocks could be really handy since I've got a better overview of all of the drawings, and it's easier to edit.

What is the proper way to do this?

Thanks in advice.

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Do you by chance use sheet set manager?  Or are you just trying to find a way to link the data from the excel file?


Which then leads me to ask the following...

Are you trying to link the excel file to multiple sheets and titleblocks in one DWG?  Or do you have each individual sheet/titleblock set up as its own DWG?


Sheet set manager is a very unique tool that can do this without the need for an excel spreadsheet.



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