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Hello everyone!
I think this topic has been raised 100 times, but unfortunately I did not find an answer that I would not like.
I would like a lisp superpurge with explodeallproxy removeallproxy audit and overkill. I would be grateful for your help

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Be careful with the overkill command, specifically.  The result can sometimes not be what you are intending.


OVERKILL (Command)
  • Duplicate copies of objects are deleted.
  • Arcs drawn over portions of circles are deleted.
  • Lines at the same angle that partially overlap are combined into a single line.
  • Duplicate line or arc segments are deleted.
  • Overlapping and zero-length polyline segments are deleted.

That first one can, potentially, screw things up in your drawing.


The purge command when run from the command line can be a little bit finnicky.  for example, the commands - Select, all, purge, all

may need to be executed multiple times to, indeed, purge everything.


But, then again, I've never used a lisp to purge.

I just use the purge command which brings up the dialog box and purge all from there.


The lisp may need an operation built in to run the purge commands multiple times until it gets a null response back.



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