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How Do I - Request Bids for New Lisp

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I'm needing to have something written and am wondering how to best approach request for bids on a new lisp routine...


No idea what it takes to write this (I can't find what I need via searches) or how long it would take to write

so if paying is my only option I'd like to know what some of the power players would charge me to write this.


I want to accomplish the following one way or another




Find all Table Styles in a drawing




change settings under each of the Cell Styles




Under the Borders Tab

Lineweight = ByLayer

Linetype = ByLayer

Color = ByLayer

All Borders




Under the Text tab

Text Style = Romans

Text Height = .125

Text Color = ByLayer

image.png.10057c47e1f77f7ae390516325b4f3f8.png        image.png.fd48a3506b1c1772a768e80329500676.png



Or do all this by selecting a particular table.


So either globally change all or change by selection.


I think that sums it up.


I don't want to post my email here so please advise on how I should proceed.





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I think you already have asked, you should get some responses, Lee-mac, Tharwat, Maratovich, Ronjonp, Grr, maybe me, come to mind. Its more about if you have done it before so its easy to modify to suit.


Here is step 1 as asked.

(setq tbldict (vla-item (vla-get-dictionaries (vla-get-database (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))) "Acad_TableStyle"))
(setq x (vla-get-count tbldict))
(setq tlist '())
(repeat x
(setq tlist (cons (vla-get-name  (vla-item tbldict (setq x (- x 1)))) tlist))

You may have this file.

list of methods for a table.txt


This may reveal a lot note the use of PUT and SET 


Tables various settings.lsp

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