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1E9 Error on loading DWG file


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Hello Brain trust,


tried googling this and tried the BS fixes that did do anything, i even went into the file and deleted everything and exploded it and cut on what i needed to load, and this damn error just wont go away.


please help i have only found it on this one project im doing for a new company so not sure if there is some setting the old drafters have stuffed around with.


See attachement for the message


thanks everyone

SS 01.png

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i even found the orginal DWG that is inserted and look the same except for the changes the Arch has made, fiddled with all insert settings but it is still showing up. think i am calling it a night now. 

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I found this link to an existing thread on this topic.


I think it will help.

Or at least lead you down the path where u could figure out a solution.


Personally, I've never seen it.



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That message is telling you that there is at least one object way too far from the origin. It is not a setting.


Since you did not reference those BS solutions, I'm going to throw out what you should have found.


Have you found that/those objects yet?


Have you tried removing said objects?


Is the file dummied down to vanilla AutoCAD, i.e. AEC Objects removed?


Have you tried moving everything so that it is near the origin?


Have you tried rebuilding the file with just the content that you need (and have it close to the origin)? This does not mean cleaning the file. Extract what you need using copy/paste or WBlock and put into an empty template or drawing created from scratch.

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It has me wondering what the "limit" is for the coordinate system in Revit?
It does say one of the causes for this error is...


Drawing is located very far from 0,0,0 (out of Revit limit) - as you eluded to.


So what the heck would this mean exactly?

What number is the demarcation between what is within and outside of the revit limit?  hmmmm.




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There is a number where things start going wonky. I don't know it but it doesn't matter what units. It's not an actual distance. It's a function of the number.

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The limit in REVIT is 20 miles.  Anything outside of a 10mile radius of the origin usually throws this error when the CAD file is linked into REVIT.  This includes the z coordinate.

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