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Modified Dynamic Block entity does not update Block Instances

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I have a lisp routine snippet which modifies the text height of all text objects inside a dynamic block.
All text heights in the dynamic block are updated but all dynamic block instances in the drawing are still showing the old text height.
I have read somewhere that a "regen" is needed, but that doesn't seem to work.


If I "block edit" one of the instances, I see that the text height is changed. However this is only updated for all block instances if I:
- "block edit" one of the instances and save (and close) the block
- use function "Battman" and sync the original dynamic block name (once dynamic block is changed, the instance block name becomes e.g.) *U211

How do I force to update the dynamic block instances with lisp?

(defun ApplytoBlockObjects ( blks name func / def result )
    (setq func (eval func))
    (if (not (vl-catch-all-error-p (setq def (vl-catch-all-apply 'vla-item (list blks name)))))
        (vlax-for obj def (setq result (cons (func obj) result)))
    (reverse result)

;;; Code snippet in Main Lisp Function
(setvar "tilemode" 1)
(if (car blk_lst)
		(if (equal (vla-get-effectivename (vlax-ename->vla-object (car blk_lst))) "Barge-S-TV")
				(vla-get-blocks (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))
				(vla-get-effectivename (vlax-ename->vla-object (car blk_lst)))
				'(lambda ( obj )
					(if (= (vla-get-objectname obj) "AcDbText")
						(vla-put-height	obj ht_lbl)
(command "regen")
(setvar "tilemode" 0)


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Have you tried the REGENALL command?


If that doesn't work, could you add:

COMMAND "BEDIT" <blockname>




onto the end of your routine?



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