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3D solid with edges from XYZ point cloud

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I have a simple point cloud and I would like to turn it into a solid with edges. I was told I could do this with Meshroom which I downloaded, however it will not allow me to import a .dwg, .csv or  RCP file so i'm a bit snookered. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Any help appreciated.



XYZ Data.rcp

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I should add that ultimately I want to bring it into Autocad 2018. That's the only product I use along with Navis Freedom.

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From what I recall you can link your pointcloud data to ARCGis and then export the data in the form of a CSV shapefile. 

From there it might work in Meshroom - though I've never heard of it personally.


There could also be formatting issues with what Meshroom is importing.


For example, it might only be able to import specific version DWG's, etc...

and it might not be readily apparent.



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