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Out Angle lisp--> help with the code

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Hi. I am using this code to dimension the out angles of a polyline.Is it possible to update the code to work for polylines and lines? Now work only for polylines. If i have two lines i can not dimension the out angle.


;Multiple DimAngular method in Visual Lisp
;v1.0: 22/06/14 
;v1.1: 10/12/2014
;	*dimsuppressed* dimension suppressed, only dimension text visible
;	*dimtxtinside* dimension text positin inside / outside 
;	*error* localize & optimized
;	text placement works in UCS
;	credits: MakeReadable & LM:ListClockwise-p

; users can adjust global settings to suit their need here ,[color="red"] t / nil[/color]

*dimsuppressed*  ; t= suppressed nil = normal
*dimtxtinside* ; t acute angle nil= obtuse large > 180

(defun c:AngLWP	( / *error* pl lst p1 p2 cc m en l i v doc midp var sz box vobj )  
;hanhphuc 10/12/2014 anglwp.lsp (v1.1)
(setq	l   '("cmdecho" "osmode" )
var  (mapcar 'getvar l) 
sz	(getvar "dimtxt")
lst	 '() ; ** can not omit this
midp	 '((a b / c d) (mapcar '(lambda (c d) (/ (+ c d) 2.)) a b)));_ end of setq
 (mapcar 'setvar l '(0 0 ))
(defun *error* (msg)
  (if (= 8 (logand 8 (getvar "undoctl")))
    (vla-EndUndoMark (hp:doc))
    ) ;_ end of if
  (if doc
    (vlax-release-object doc)
    ) ;_ end of if
  (if (wcmatch (strcase msg) "*CANCEL*,*QUIT*,*BREAK*")
    (princ (strcat "\nError: " msg))
    ) ;_ end of if
    (mapcar 'setvar l var)
  ) ;_ end of defun
 (if (and (setq en (car (entsel "\nPick LWpolyline..")))
   (eq (cdr (assoc 0 (entget en))) "LWPOLYLINE")
   (setq v (cdr (assoc 90 (entget en)))
	 i -1
   ) ;_ end of setq
     ) ;_ end of and
     (repeat v (setq pl (cons (vlax-curve-getPointAtParam en (setq i (1+ i))) pl)))
     (if (= (cdr (assoc 70 (entget en))) 1)
(setq pl (append pl (list (car pl) (cadr pl))))
     ) ;_ end of if
     (vla-StartUndoMark (setq doc (hp:doc)))
       (foreach x (mapcar '(lambda (pt) (trans pt 0 1)) pl)
(setq lst (cons x lst))
(if (>= (length lst) 3)
    (mapcar '(lambda (a b) (set (read a) ((eval b) lst))) '("p1" "cc" "p2") '(car cadr caddr))
    (setq m    (midp p1 p2)
	  vobj (apply
		 (vl-list* (vlax-get-property
			     (if (= "Model" (getvar "CTAB"))
			       ) ;_ end of if
			     ) ;_ end of vlax-get-property
			   (mapcar '(lambda (p) (vlax-3d-point (trans p 1 0)))
				   (list cc (midp p1 cc) (midp cc p2) (polar m (angle m cc) (* (distance m cc) (if *dimtxtinside* 0.5 1.25 ))))
				   ) ;_ end of mapcar
			   ) ;_ end of vl-list*
		 ) ;_ end of apply
	  ) ;_ end of setq
(if  *dimsuppressed* (progn
	((lambda (obj)
     		'(lambda (a b) (vlax-put obj a b))
     		'("Arrowhead1Type"	 "Arrowhead2Type"	  "extensionlineextend"	   "extensionlineoffset"
	"TextHeight"		 "VerticalTextPosition"   "TextGap"	"TextInside"
 	"DimLine1Suppress"   "DimLine2Suppress" ;<--- "line" visibility, thanks marko :-)
	"ExtLine1Suppress" "ExtLine2Suppress"
	"TextInsideAlign" "TextOutsideAlign"
     		(list 19 19 0. 0. sz (if (LM:ListClockwise-p pl) 1 2) sz 1 1 1 1 1 0 0)
    		(vlax-put-property obj 'TextFill :vlax-true)  ;<-- text masked:  1 / 0
	) ;_ end of lambda
   (command "_explode"  (vlax-vla-object->ename vobj))
   (setq rot(cdr(assoc 50 (entget(entlast)))))
    (command "_U")
    (vla-put-TextRotation (vlax-ename->vla-object (entlast))
      (MakeReadable(+ rot (* pi 0.5)
	(atan (apply '/ (cdr (reverse (getvar "ucsxdir" ))))))))
  ) ;_ end of progn
) ;_ end of if
     ) ;_ end of foreach
     (vla-EndUndoMark doc)
     (vlax-release-object doc)
   ) ;_ end of progn
 ) ;_ end of if
(mapcar 'setvar l var ); EDIT 
) ;_ end of defun

(defun-q-list-set 'hp:doc '(nil (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))) ;inspired by LM:acdoc :-)
(princ "\nMultiple DimAngular on polygon. command: anglwp")(princ)

;; coutesy & reference
;; List Clockwise-p - Lee Mac
;; Returns T if the point list is clockwise oriented
(defun LM:ListClockwise-p ( lst )
       (apply '+
                   (lambda ( a b )
                       (- (* (car b) (cadr a)) (* (car a) (cadr b)))
               lst (cons (last lst) lst)

;; Make Angle Readable by: ymg      
(defun MakeReadable (a)
    (setq a (rem (+ a pi pi) (+ pi pi)))
    (rem (if (< (* pi 0.5) a (* pi 1.5))(+ a pi) a) (+ pi pi))  



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You will need to write a new selection method, something like a window 1st cnr implies the side of the angle, as its a small box can uses ssget "F" and look at what is crossed is it a pline or 2 lines.



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