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Learning .net for AtuoCAD


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Hello World...

Question; I am very interested in expanding my skills with AutoCAD programming in C# using Visual Studio. However, the learning curve feels impossibly steep.

Are there any schools, programs, mentorships, clubs, etc. available anyone knows of for getting someone off the ground with this, beyond being able to write "Hello World" by watching YouTube sensei?

Most of the online forums I am familiar with are a tough place to learn something from the start, as the content tends to be directed towards snippets of a topic or are so specific in nature that they are a little are over the top and complex for a beginner.

In the past I was able to find AutoCAD programming for LISP at a nearby community college, but I haven't been able to find anything remotely like .net in any of the community college catalogs around here.

I.e. here is Colorado Springs, CO.

Many thanks for any advice anyone may have. Take care.


My apologies if this is a redundant post. I saw earlier where someone was asking for advice about Visual Studio tutorials, but the reply was to direct the OP to a site for C# and visual studio in general. So are there resources directed specifically toward AutoCAD and .net? 

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