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Measure chord length


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Hi All,


I'm working on a model and am wondering if it is possible to measure the length of a cord/ray in autocad? The geometry is attached below. I'd like to measure the length of a chord from the left to right boundaries, such that at an circle, the chord/ray travels the shortest path around the circle. Please see attached sketch of what i'd like to achieve (please excuse the crappy mouse drawing) as well as the dxf file.


Thank you for your help.







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Yes there is a conveyor belt answer floating around its a few years old now, I remember the examples were as complex as yours used a pick pick for sequence.


It is a fraction different as it uses tangents is that Ok ?


Google I think it was here.

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Yes it is possible to measure the chord length simply with a bit of construction.


Draw the chord and then trim all the circles to suit, and then make it all one polyline.


Unfortunately, the circles in your file are not circles! The circles consist of four quarter-circle splines (or parts of). AutoCAD is not too good on splines when it comes to manipulating geometry. So I traced over your 'circles' with proper circles using the 2P option. Then with a bit of trimming, the individual entities are created, which can all be joined together with Pedit.



Chord length.PNG

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Nice answer Eldon 


To convert splines to circles maybe use control points 1 pick.


Number of control points:  3
           Control point:  X=   0.0105  Y=   0.0039  Z=   0.0000
           Control point:  X=   0.0096  Y=   0.0039  Z=   0.0000
           Control point:  X=   0.0096  Y=   0.0030  Z=   0.0000


Can use this to make circle. Still a lot of work doing picks. Not sure if extrim may help. 


SSget F comes to mind getting a list of all the points based on line location after trim so do line startpoint-1  2-3 4-5  and so on 

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