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Fire Protection Training

Jim Clayton

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Hey Everyone,
I'm trying to find  good resource for Fire Sprinkler System design in AutoCAD.  I recently made the switch to Fire Protection but my new company is a little bogged down with work at the moment and the training is scarce.  So I'm trying to come up with some good resources but so far I haven't found many.  I would appreciate any help.  Tks.

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One of our larger subcontractors commonly uses autosprink.



You can also export as DWG from what I recall.  So it is possible to do the design work in Autosprink then set up the sheets and details,etc... in Autocad.


BUT it is pretty expensive...  around 10k.


There are also some options for autocad add-ons in the autodesk app store.  But i see you are on Autocad 2014 which means your version is too old to use the "Fire Sprinkler" add on.

The only versions supported are 2016 or newer it appears.



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As I recall @Tharwat posted a sprinkler lisp a few years back?

I've never used it, not my field, but as Tharwat designed it, I expect it to work very well.  ;)


Check this out...


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Thanks for help.  And for the reminder that I need to update my Profile to reflect my current AutoCAD version (2018).  I'll give these a look.  Very much appreciated.


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