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I'm really struggling to get a get a scale drawing. 

I need a scale in 1/1250 for a planning application. I've checked the units and its in meters. But when I change the scale the map is so small (almost not visible within the viewport). 

Does anyone have any suggestions please 

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If you only made the change in units then the pre-set scales will still be setup for working with millimeters when it comes to layouts. You will need to go in and adjust the scales 1:250 for a drawing using meters as units would be 1 model unit = 0.25 paper units (it  is probably 1 model = 250 paper units now). The undocumented '-dwgunits' takes care of all that for you but should be used before you start drawing, because if you do it now it will also scale your drawing which isn't what you want.Use the scalelistedit command and in the dialogue edit all the scales so that the paper units is divided by 1000.


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