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How should I proceed to see the thickness of polyline.

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How should I proceed to see the thickness of a polyline. If I click on Line thickness setting and click on display thickness, I see on the screen both the thickness and the polyline I am constructing and all the lines already made, instead I want to see only the polyline I am constructing by 1 mm.
Thank you


Vedere spessore polilinea.JPG

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@BIGAL has used Properties which are the most universally comprehensive way to go.

Personally I am a big fan of Quick Properties, as shown in the screenshot.

The difference is that Quick Properties displays less information, but because it is user customized, it likely provides more Focus

for an individudal users personal needs and kinds of work. 

A great tool, but one needs to fine tune it first, to make sure that information displayed suits ones own needs.

As needed the full Properties display is always available as a backup, should more information be required than is your personal norm.


In Drafting Settings functionality can be further personalized as shown in the last screenshot.






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Your dialogue box is for lineweight, which is different to thickness and width. To see the lineweight you need to highlight the icon shown with the red arrow in this image, if you don't see the icon you can make it visible by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines (yellow arrow) and select line weight.



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Biggest difference is that a set Lineweight displays the same no matter what viewport scale is used, and works for objects & Layers or Plot Styles.


Global Width can only be assigned to polylines. Polyline width can be set at each end of each segment allowing you to create an arrow for instance. The width naturally appears smaller same as the length when zooming out.


Lineweight is used most often assigned as a property of a layer that can easily be modified with Layer States.

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