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Interference / clash detect

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I'm using Autocad 2021. 

I used to use prosteel which is an addon to autocad. It had a clash /  interference detect which involved selecting all the components and then selecting the check function to get any interference between any of the selected components. Autocads' interference works ok but you have to check between each component or group of components separately, if there is any interference within one selected set it does not show up. Is there some way to check interference between any of a selected set of components?

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ProSteel user here.


Use the Interfere command and select the same group twice.

After you have completed the selection of all  the 3DSolids which you want to check, just hit ENTER, as the default is to check them all.

Probably a good idea to check the SETTINGS commandline option, and set it how you want it.    ;)





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