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Hope everyone is safe and healthy



All of a sudden (on a new project) I encounter the following problem when I use either of the ZOOM ALL and ZOOM EXTEND functions

When I select ZOOM ALL it displays a smaller picture with the X-AXIS (horisontal) moving upwards about one third of screen display height

The same for ZOOM EXTEND

The final display picture is horisontally in the middle of the display screen

but at the bottom is a large gap ( one third of display screen






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Zoom Extents uses the actual objects in the drawing to set the boundaries of your view. If there's a big empty space, it probably means that there's an object floating out in the middle of nowhere. With state plane coordinates, for instance, the majority of your drawing will be far away from your origin, so drawing something accidentally at (0,0) will cause this issue. Another possibility is that you typed an absolute distance instead of a relative distance with a copy or move.


The solution is to zoom out even further and use a selection window on that (almost) empty space. You should pick up your rogue objects, which you can inspect and then delete or move.


To avoid such issues in the future, verify that each drawing command has done what you expect. If you don't see the object, undo and try again.

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Zoom Extents uses all objects on thawed layers in the current drawing space even objects on layers that are turned off.


I'd guess you have layers that are turned off instead of frozen as that will produce those results every time.

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