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Select Similar multileader contents


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I found a routine that can select similar multileaders that have the same attributed block values.


I am having a hard time changing it from recognizing the block to just the mtext contents.


It would be neat if it could do both (When selecting any help leader with an attribute or just the mtext).


Thank you for the help.

(defun c:Test ( / ent enx val )
           (setvar 'errno 0)
           (setq ent (car (entsel "\nSelect mleader: ")))
           (/= 52 (getvar 'errno))
           (   (null ent)
               (princ "\nMissed, try again.")
           (   (/= "MULTILEADER" (cdr (assoc 0 (setq enx (entget ent)))))
               (princ "\nSelected object is not a multileader.")
          ; (   (/= acblockcontent (cdr (assoc 172 (reverse enx)))) ;;;;;<<<<<--------- Original Code
          ;     (princ "\nSelected multileader does not contain an attributed block.")
          ; )
          (   (/= acmtextcontent (cdr (assoc 172 (reverse enx))))
              (princ "\nSelected multileader does not contain any values.")
           (   (null (setq val (vl-remove-if-not '(lambda ( x ) (and (= 302 (car x)) (wcmatch (cdr x) "~*[~0-9]*"))) (member '(301 . "}") enx)))) ;;;;;<<<<<--------- Not sure how to change this to look for the mtext values
               (princ "\nMultileader attributes do not contain integer values.") ;;;;;<<<<<--------- Not sure how to change this to look for the mtext values
           (   (null (sssetfirst nil (ssget "_A" (list '(0 . "MULTILEADER") (assoc 8 enx) (car val))))))




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