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Disabling items in a dropdown list box based on options selected in another dropdown list.

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Hello Everyone,

I am very new to Autocad and this is my first attempt at creating a LISP file.


I have a dropdown command list 1





I have a 2nd dropdown command list 2




if the user selects option1 or option2 they can select DoThis1 or Dothis2.  If they select Option3 they can only do DoThis1.  DoThis2 is not available for Option3.  I have Googled and searched the topic, but I don't quite now where to start and if this is even possible.


How can I do this with a LISP file?  


Thank you


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The other alternative is you can have child dcl ie a new dcl pops up over the top of the existing one. If you want to go that way can post some details on how to do, I know which code buts its full of multiple stuff will cut the relevant bits out.



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On 5/5/2021 at 8:03 AM, Sally-A said:

Thank you!  This is great information.

Is it be possible to not use dcl and use button dropdowns from the tool panel?


Limited control referencing system variables.

Without letting us know exactly what you're trying to do it's hard to suggest anything. 

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Sure.  I am given this task

Sorry I am so vague.


I have a ribbon panel with two buttons  (connector and single)




if you select the connector button and then select Annotation




Then click the subtype button  (Single or Multi)



I need "multiple" to be grayed out and not selectable in this case.


Is there a way to do this?  







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