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Bad SSGET list value error


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Hello everyone! 

So, i am doing a school project in which i want to select all circles of a given radius and then move them all in the arithmetic mean of all centers. The arithmetic mean is no problem, everything works fine, till i add the "more complex" filter. Here is the part of the code:


(initget 7)                    
(setq radius (getint "\nEnter radius: "))

(setq ss (ssget "X" '((0 . "CIRCLE") (-4 . "=") (40 . radius)))) 


The thing is, when i swap (40 . radius) with, lets say, (40 . 10)... it works for all circles with the radius equal to 10. But i want to give the radius by keyboard. And i get the error from the title. Also... if i put a (princ radius) before the filter, it shows me the value of radius. 


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The issue is your use of the apostrophe to quote the ssget filter list as a literal list, resulting in the radius variable being intrepreted as a symbol rather than being evaluated to yield the value that the variable has been assigned. I would strongly suggest reading my tutorial on The Apostrophe and the Quote Function to understand why this issue arises, and how to solve it.

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On 5/12/2021 at 7:10 PM, TudorN said:

@Lee Mac Thank you! The tutorial really helped, I figured it out and now I understand 👍.


Excellent - I'm glad to hear it! You're most welcome 🍻

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