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Dll Libraries for Sketchup 2017 or higher on older PC


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Recently, I install Sketchup 2017 on my PC, I discovered that my graphics card did not support OpenGL 3.0, which is essential to run the 2017 version.
After the installation, starting the software I was given the following message:

The OpenGL version of the "GeForce 7300 GT / PCIe / SSE2" graphics card is 2.1. SketchUp requires a graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.0 or higher.


After an exhausting research on the net, I discovered that there are libraries able to "emulate" the version 3 of OpenGL: it is MESA. They are used by those who intend to make an old video game work on very recent PCs: practically, it allows these users to "go back", instead for me it proved to be a help to "go forward"!




You just need to download the library, unzip the compressed file and save it in the same folder where the sketchup executable is located. Now launching Shetchup, the latter will convince itself to run on a card with OpenGl 3.1. That's all....


I hope I have been useful to you!

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Generally emulators are used "out of necessity" ... not being able to run a software due to inadequate hardware!
I remember that in 1990 (about) where I was working they used autocad 8 (2.6) on a 286 pc without math coprocessor. They went to 9 but an emulator was installed to do it ...

How young I was !!


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