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View Objects without associated model

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Hello, I run a CNC shop and use AutoCAD to set up our cuts.  I have never worked with views or layouts at all, we stick strictly to the Model area.

I just got some drawings from a customer that only seem to contain content in a Layout view.  The layouts contain a "view object" which is what I need to cut, only I cannot figure out how to get the shape out of that object.  It won't explode or copyclip.


Anyone have any ideas?  The only information I can find online is how to make view objects from a model.  Nobody is talking about how to do that in reverse!




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Post dwg so people can look at it. 


In model what happens when you do UCS W, PLAN then Zoom E can you see object

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The object may be in model space but either on a frozen or off layer too.

you can try turning on all layers, ensuring nothing is frozen, and then zoom to extents.  See what shows up (if anything).

My recommendation is start there.



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Those are Drawing Views from Fusion, use Export Layout (Right-Click the Layout Tab) to create a new .dwg and it will be a block that can be exploded. I think it will need scaled as well.

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