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Strange backup files

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why are the .bak files larger than the actual .dwg files and why are the .bak dates and time goofy?



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The .BAK file is simply the last .DWG file before the current one.


When you save in AutoCAD (or LT):

  1. AutoCAD writes the file to a .TMP file
  2. Then the existing .DWG is renamed to .BAK
  3. Then the .TMP is renamed to .DWG

Each time you save, the DWG is the current, and the BAK is one version old.

This is all presuming you have BAK files enabled, as it's possible to disable this.


If you have some non-standard networking, storage, etc. - then all bets are off. 



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There are a few others as well to confuse you, with autosave on it will make copies of the dwg at timed intervals, the reason for mentioning is that us in the know when a serious crash occurs can find these files and reuse them saving re edit time. These are saved in the "Automatic save file location". Such as dwgtest.SV$ Good house keeping is to clean these up and a few others as well.

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