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Require help choosing CAD program


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I have used various CAD programs over the years in industry. Now I am using Fusion360 as a hobbyist.


I am trying to make a detailed wing of a bird of prey. I've made a selection of detailed feathers to use. The .stl files are around 50k poly count each feather.


I've been trying to copy and arrange them in Fusion but its struggling and becomes very slow. I would also like to be able to manipulate the feathers to close gaps when they overlap.


I have tried to warp them in Meshmixer which proves to be difficult to keep the original form. I'm quite new to this kind of modelling as my CAD experience has been with engineering not sculpting.


Which program would you recommend for what I'm trying to achieve?


thanks in advance!

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There are other programs you could use, that handle high poly counts much better. ZBrush is a great program for creating extremely detailed high poly count models without taxing your system. But the program you use will depend on what you intend to do with the model. Are you planning on animating it or 3D printing it or do you need it to be in CAD format for use in another program? Or is this just an artistic project for fun?


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I downloaded the free version of zbrush but couldn't work out how to add multiple files and arrange them or stitch them together. 


I've already made the feathers that I'm happy with. Although I've now made a very low poly one - 5k but it doesn't look great.


I am planning on 3d printing it on a resin printer so I'd like as much detail as possible. 


After the feathers are in the right positions I would combine them to make one stl file, then chop it up to be printed in sections.

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Yeah, Zbrush has a pretty steep learning curve. It's not the type of program that you can just jump in and start working. It takes a lot of time and practice to become even somewhat proficient with it.


If you're going to 3D print this model, why bother with all the individual feathers? It seems like you would be better off creating the entire wing and then sculpt in the detail. Something like the attached image. Not my work, but it shows the basic idea.


I'm a little out of my realm with this though, since I've never done any 3D printing. Maybe someone else will have some suggestions.


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Yeah it does have a very steep learning curve plus I think I would need the full version to do what I want to. 


I could try making the wing then sculpting as you say but I'm trying to get a higher level of detail than you can see on those wings. With the vanes of the feathers and cut outs in them.


Also it would take me a very long time to master sculpting to get anywhere near that standard.

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