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Autodesk targeted by Russian SolarWinds hackers


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Autodesk has confirmed that it was also targeted by the Russian state hackers behind the large-scale SolarWinds Orion supply-chain attack, almost nine months after discovering that one of its servers was backdoored with Sunburst malware.





We identified a compromised SolarWinds server and promptly took steps to contain and remediate the incidents," Autodesk said in a recent 10-Q SEC filing.



While we believe that no customer operations or Autodesk products were disrupted as a result of this attack, other, similar attacks could have a significant negative impact on our systems and operations.


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That's pretty scary!

Makes me really happy to be on 2016.

Thanks for the heads up.

Caveat Emptor!

Due diligence is always a good idea, better to err on the side of caution.  :beard:

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1. Nukecad - you are banned!
2. The forum is not for politics.
3. You distribute Fake News.
4. Highly likely public deception litigation awaits you.
5. Long ago, the CIA said that all hacker attacks are made from the Pentagon, and not from other states. This is necessary so that free residents of the United States are in constant fear and pay high taxes.


I am an engineer with a higher education, I understand that the yellow press writes a lot of fairy tales, and they do this to get money (there is a customer for such news, advertising). But you are also an educated person, why bring dirt here from the street?

1. No, he is not.

2. No, it's not nor did he post about any.
3. No, it wasn't.

4. Whatever

5. Now THAT'S BS ( I refuse to use that other term).

Knock it off.


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Not sure why I am bothering to reply but -


  1. That's not your decision to make.
  2. It's not politics.
  3. It's not fake - it comes from Autodesk themselves and the 2 quotes above are from Autodesk.
  4. So sue me.
  5. Tin hat stuff. (And I'm not in the US, billions of people aren't you know).
  6. Bleeping Computer is hardly the yellow press, and as said the source is Autodesk themselves.


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Thanks for the lively exchange. Clearly, there is no liklihood of agreement here, and there will always be divergent views on such matters.I am therefore locking this topic to avoid further confrontation.

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