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From Autocad LT to 3D (Inventor)


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Where do I start? I am looking to move from Autocad Lt to 3D, I am thinking Inventor. Are there any college courses available (Liverpool area)?

Any Info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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There are a lot of YouTube tutorial videos out there.


Watch them.

Try with some simple commands. 

If you then have any questions, just ask. We will be glad to help you learn. 


Drafting in 3D is not hard.


I have used Inventor & Solidworks. (Both basically do the same thing. The commands are the same, although they are located in different locations on your screen.)


If you are able to grasp the 3D concept, it will really open up a whole new world for you.


You already know that, when drawing in 2D, once your drawing is complete, when you are compiling the bill of materials, you have to figure out how much something weighs.


One of the advantages of drafting in 3D is that when you want to bring in a BOM, your 3D program already KNOWS how much something weighs.


If you take one of the components that's in your assembly, & put a hole in it, when you update your assembly, the BOM will update, as well. The weight of that particular object will now be less than before you put a hole in it.


You can also ANIMATE in 3D.


By all means, learn 3D.

Any 3D program. 


You will be amazed.

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