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Connect the selected block with the shortest line

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It's a simple electrical connection of multiple lights
 I thought it was complicated. Maybe I can do it by myself now, Thank you,BIGAL

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Nice Pbe.


Ronjonp if you watch a electrician wiring up a house that is how they do it they just drag a cable, in a commercial project I agree with you were service locations are more controlled.


I am sure its something like shortest path and has been solved before. 

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As BIGAL said, that is a good drawing for drainage. But the wire joint should be at the wiring position of the lamp.


pBe ,that is very interesting, but I don't understand what it means. Is it an idea?

BIGAL, I found some shortest paths lisp, they are all between two points.

I've made it ,today . It's a little ugly, but can  be used.

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