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Hello Forum,
I have just started using Civil 3D and I am a novice
I would like to calculate the volume of excavation from an existing ground level survey and a finish level AutoCAD drawing. The finish level AutoCAD drawing is not a single base level but is a large site with various required foundations at different levels.
Please advise

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You will need two surfaces.

You say the first one is an "existing ground level survey" - so do you have a C3D surface made from this, with the correct break lines added, etc?


For the second one, you say "finish level AutoCAD drawing" -- what is this exactly? Does it contain 3D data? 


Take a look at this graphic. Your surfaces need to be on the same X,Y,Z reference, so C3D can do what is shown in the graphic below.




More info here: https://help.autodesk.com/view/CIV3D/2021/ENU/?guid=GUID-20DD4422-EC0D-4537-870F-96C62AD66790 

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If the grading is for a new road surface or pathway, you will need a new alignment so the software can calculate cut/fill based on the surfaces you have specified.  Are your foundations for a bridge or other elevated roadway?


When you create the corridor (near the end of the process) the software will determine how much cut and fill is required based on the inputs you have provided.

Alot of that depends on whether or not you need a subgrade with larger material or just site grading with D1 fill or something, as well as the depths for each - as you have determined in the "assembly" portion of the process.


Along with some other optional inputs in corridor properties.


Some helpfull stuff..







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Rkmcswain has given you the answer the volume between 2 surfaces.


A couple more comments the surfaces must be contained, eg second surface is fully within existing surface, or both have a matching outer boundary. If you have lines and 3dpolylines etc then you can use the make surface from Definition, drawing objects, LINES. You must explode the plines 1st as it only accepts lines. 

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