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simple graph with lisp

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Hi, everyone

I am trying to draw a simple graph with lisp, but with very small lengths values, start points are the previous ones

can anybody help?


(defun c:simp ()
(setq start (getpoint "\n select point"))

(setq n (getint "enter n:"))
(setq deltalist nil)

(repeat n
(setq delta (getdist "/lengths"))
(setq deltalist (append deltalist (list delta)))
(setq ct 0)

(repeat n
(setq deltax (nth ct deltalist))
(setq pt1 (list (+ (car start) deltax) (cadr start)))
(setq pt2 (list (+ (car start) deltax) (+ (cadr start) 3)))
(command "line" start pt1 "")
(command "line" pt1 pt2 "")
(setq ct (+ 1 ct))


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and what do you want the graph to look like?


You might have written the perfect code to draw this graph, but i suspect it isn't the one you want it to draw.. maybe if you can attach a file showing an example,

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