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Right angle corner truncates when lines are joined

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I  have made a drawing in dfx file (  attached) that will be sent to a CNC router.

The bottom LH corner is a right angle, but when I 'Join' all the lines prior to sending off, the right angle becomes truncated, as shown in the Aspire screen print

Can anyone please advise what is causing this, and how to prevent it? I  need that right angle corner

Many thanks

Vertical stand corner.JPG

Vertical stand -Jig A.dxf

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It could be because this is a Spline and Aspire may not handle splines correctly.


Try converting the splines to polylines and see if that helps; using the FLATTEN command in Autocad (if that is the program you used to create the dxf).

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The "truncated" corner appears in AutoCAD when the DXF file is opened.


An effective technique to use to create a shape with splines in AutoCAD that need to have sharp corners is to  use the  CV Method.  Place 3 CVs directly on top of each other to define a vertex on the shape with a sharp corner (if the spline is of the default degree 3).  


For your drawing place 3 CVs at the 6 corners noted below and removed the CVs that are along the straight edges.


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