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Alignment of object with underlay xref drawing.

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to align simple objects (line circles, etc) and blocks to lines that exist in a xref'd file.


An example is if I have a general arrangement floor plan (that has been produced and owned by others in my team). I would like to create a set of dynamic drawings that would change with changes to the general arrangement drawing. I understand that the original author can add, delete and redraw lines that I have aligned to, however I will address these as they occur.

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Not sure what you're asking. You can use the object snap function to connect a point in your drawing to, say, an endpoint in the xref. Once you use the snap, however, the information is gone. The point doesn't move again if the endpoint you snapped to moves later.


A constraint might work if the base point were in the same drawing. According to this AUGI page, you can only constrain something with the insertion point of the xref, not anything in it.

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To further explain, an example is if I have a floor plan of a rectangular building (say 20 x 10m) which my colleague is working on. I attach their drawing as a xref into my drawing. I want to trace their outline and then use parametric constraints to lock the lines to their lines. I salon want to add a dotted line 600mm to the inside  to show slab thickness change and then again using dimensional constraints to lock the distance. 


If my colleague change the building to 20m x 12m by stretching the floor plan. I would like my drawing to updated accordingly.

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Thinking a bit more if dashed pline is on a layer could find pline and do a new  bpoly offset and recreate lots in one go. This is make dashed. You need to set layer etc.


(defun c:dash600 ( / ent1)
(while (setq pt (getpoint "\nPick point inside shape Enter to exit"))
(command "bpoly" pt "")
(setq ent1 (entlast))
(command "offset" 600 ent1 "" pt "")
(command "erase" ent1 "")


This is redo oh that is your home work. Have a go. (defun redodash600.......


A helpful hint this is a internal point based on a object such as  pline.


(setq pt (osnap (vlax-curve-getStartPoint obj) "gcen"))



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