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It must be  more than 5 years ago I last dropped into this site. I recognise a few names but the list of all members seems to have disappeared...

Anyway, the question: 

I am trying to make 2 macros for the Tools palette to turn layer Vport on and Vport off to avoid having to scroll up and down the layers palette.

Can anyone please advise me why the following, say for 'Vport On' does not work

^C^C layer ON; Vport;; 

I am waiting for the "oh yes, of course" moment when some solves it. Thanks in advance.

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A mistake you need to look at spaces ^C^C layer ON; Vport;;  ps no space after ctrl+c some commands have ^p as well.


Also try -layer, layer will pop dialouge box.


So -layer on "vport" then question ?


Do it all manual write it down each space is a return.

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Thanks for the info, I will give it a go when I open up ACAD LT later. Appreciated.

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I use a modified version of layer-toggle-freeze.lsp by Jimmy Bergmark in a Ribbon Drop-Down Menu for lists of layers to toggle freeze or thaw.


^P(or layer-toggle-freeze(load "layer-toggle-freeze.lsp"))(layer-toggle-freeze '("Vport"))


^P(or layer-toggle-freeze(load "layer-toggle-freeze.lsp"))(layer-toggle-freeze '("V-NODE" "V-NODE-CNTR" "V-NODE-CURB" "V-NODE-DRVE" "V-NODE-DRIVE" "V-NODE-EOP" "V-NODE-EOR" "V-NODE-EOW" "V-NODE-ESW" "V-NODE-GARB" "V-NODE-GRAV" "V-NODE-LINE" "V-NODE-MRW" "V-NODE-RAIL" "V-NODE-SSWR" "V-NODE-TOB" "V-NODE-TOE" "V-NODE-TOEG" "V-NODE-TOPD" "V-NODE-TOPG" "V-NODE-WATR" "V-NODE-WETL"))

as an example of a large list of Surface point layers I often toggle frozen/thawed.

I use distinctive images like RCDATA_16_VPONE for the Vport layer or TRANSCMD_POINT_OBJECT_16 for the Surface point layers.

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