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AutoCAD crashing whole PC

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I've been running into an odd issue where AutoCAD will consistently cause my entire PC to freeze in a hung/crashed state.  I have to do a hard power cycle on the PC to bring it back to life.  It's worked fine for 3-4 years, but now crashing consistently.  It seems to be graphics related, because when I turn off AutoCAD's graphics hardware acceleration setting the issue goes away.  It's obviously very annoying to work like this, so I'm hoping I can list the symptoms and someone might have a suggestion for me:

  • Not version specific:  it's happening with AutoCAD 2018 and also 2022
  • Not drawing file specific:  happens with various drawing files and also just creating a new blank drawing.
  • I tried forcing Windows to use the NVIDIA Quadro M1200 higher quality graphics card with AutoCAD, rather than my laptop's built-in on-board graphics card.  AutoCAD’s graphics properties showing the NVIDIA graphics card is being used.
  • Did a full clean uninstall and reinstall of all AutoCAD products on the computer.  When starting AutoCAD for the first time it said that my graphics card doesn’t meet minimum specs, so disable graphics hardware acceleration.  The odd thing is that this laptop's NVIDIA card meets spec, and has been fine for years.
  • No recent hardware changes on the computer, but hard to say if there was a new graphics card driver installed automatically. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks.

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I am reminded of the old gag..."I told the Doctor that it HURTS when I go like this.  He told to stop doing it."   :beer:


Have you tried checking the driver history for the graphics card in Properties?  Perhaps you need to roll it back to an earlier version,

as that seems like it just might be the fly in the virtual ointment.  Then again Windows 10 mandatory forced updates have

been known to rock a few boats.


Have you checked and tweaked your Hardware Acceleration settings, to turn on only those which really serve you?


Please update your current software profile, so that forum members can better assess any issues you may be experiencing, thanks.  ;)


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