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Changing Height of 3D solids with AutoLISP

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I am creating dynamic 3D blocks using meshes, which I can easily stretch by using a dynamic stretch and changing that attribute thanks to the coding of @Lee Mac (many thanks).

However, I cannot make meshes appear in projected or section views in my layout.


So, I am looking for an alternative.


Is it possible to change the height value of an extruded solid using AutoLISP.


Thanks in advance

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Depending on what it is your drawing if its basic pline extruded and not a number of solids Unioned then there may be a way, its what I call 2.5D you make a pline and set the property thickness to what you want it will appear hollow but you can use Pface to put a top on it. 


The object on right has a pface and I have used HIDE


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