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Issues with Revit spaces and linked IFC model


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We are working of this project where architect is using ArchiCAD to model the building. Then they send us an IFC files, which we convert to revit file and link it to our MEP model.

Within the MEP model,  we create spaces and use the space naming utility to match their names to the rooms on the arch model.

Then we use various different parameters to generate some strategy drawings such as Lux levels, heating /cooling, ventilation etc

The issue starts when we get an updated IFC from the Architect. Once we convert it to revit and link it to our MEP model, all the spaces become unbounded and disappear from the views, but still in the space schedule. I have tried lots of things and can't get this to work

-removing room bounding and putting it back 

-removed the linked file and inserted the new one

-within manage linked, tried reload from  etc


only option seems to be deleting the spaces and creating new ones, and repopulating the parameters.

This is taking a lot of our time every time we get a new model.

Hope someone can help us with this issue.


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