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Global and shared parameters


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Hi Everyone

I require a Revit link to be able to be angled according to the slope of the terrain.

It is a standard steel structure that will be copied many times (up to 200 times) in the main model, with each instance at a different angle (slope).

I am unable to use a family as steel members do not remain constrained once linked into the main model. The family “breaks”. I also need to be able to extract a bill of quantities of nested families in the main model, which I cannot do.

I have accomplished this by creating a Revit project with reference planes that are grouped and constraining beams to these planes.

The angled reference plane has a Tilt global parameter, which allows me to change the slope and have the model tilt correctly.

The problem comes in when I link it into my main model. As the tilt parameter is a global parameter, it is not accessible in the main model. That means I must save up to 200 versions of my structure model and specify each with their slope and link into the main model. A lot of work…

Is there some way to use a shared parameter for the angular dimension in my project?

It seems that only global parameters are allowed.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you!!


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