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"What are some good beginner projects to practice in Autocad LT"


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I am learning technical drawing alongside tutorials from CADlearning for Autocad. What are some simple projects I could practice at this early stage? both in CAD and manually - What online resources are available for this?


Note - I am not looking for anything specific in regards to the type of drawing i.e. a mechanical, electrical or architectural drawing, rather a workbook of making simple 2D & 3D shapes & objects and different ways of presenting them.

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Look around your house/apartment.  What do you see?  OBJECTS!  Anything you can pick up and actually measure can be used as the inspiration for creating a drawing in AutoCAD.  Start small then work your way up to larger objects.  Another option would be to go to your local library (remember those?) and check out a book about drafting.  It should have plenty of examples of items that you can draw.  Use your imagination!

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