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What Gives With Origins

Bill Tillman

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I have a Revit model created by others and a 3D AutoCAD file with a 3D model of some objects to be inserted into the Revit model.. In the Revit model I have picked a reference point by using the ANNOTATE (Spot Elevation) and (Spot Coordinate) options. Great, I now have X-Y-Z coordinates in the Revit model where the insertion of the AutoCAD 3D object is supposed to go. Turns out the AutoCAD object ends up 120" higher than it's supposed to be, that's kind of explainable, but so for no one can explain it. Even the  GC's BIM Coordinator told me there's some witchcraft required when synching up AutoCAD's origin to the Revit Origin.


I've adjusted the location to get the AutoCAD 3D object into the Revit model close to it's desired location and all looks well. But then I want to check where the insertion point properties are for this 3D object but I'm lost. Can't seem to find anything on it.


So what exactly is the secret to getting the Revit Origin to synch up with the AutoCAD origin?


BTW, wish I could submit files on this but besides being too large to upload, I've got NDA's all over the place that prohibits me from uploading anything on-line.

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In AutoCAD, the origin is the WCS. It never changes and is baked into every DWG file. In Revit, you tell the project file where you want the origin, but you can choose the Shared Coordinate system (which is visible via the Survey Point), or use the Internal Coordinate System (which is invisible but can be read through spot elevations). Where things can go haywire is when you start moving the Survey Point unpinned and pinned, which can alter the Internal Coordinate System. My suggestion is just to use the Shared Coordinate System and manually set it to where you want it to be, but it's best to choose something easy like grid line A,1 at 100ft for Level 1. 

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