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I have an old HP 500 plotter model C7770B hp 500


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I was able with this driver, hpdj500wx64pclit.exe, to use it regularly with windows 10, after reinstalling windows 10, same previous version, and reinstalling this hpdj500wx64pclit.exe driver, the plotter doesn't work, just print the test page. Can anyone suggest me another divrer?


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Try going to this site on HP, put in Windows 8.1 64bit and/or Windows 7 64bit and you will get some 64bit drivers for it. Alternatively it will have the option to download HP Instant Printing Application, some have reported good results using that software on old plotters.



HP 500.png

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1) Ho fatto tutte le prove con l'installazione dei driver windows 8.1 e windows 7, ma la stampa non esce

2 ) Ho anche HP Instant Printing, ma la stampa non esce o ci sono delle impostazioni da fare prima di installazione la stampa?





1) I have done all the tests with the installation of the windows 8.1 and windows 7 drivers, but the print does not come out

2) I also have HP Instant Printing, but the print does not come out or are there any settings to be made before installing the print?


Thank you


Stampa istantanea.jpg



Togliere elenco stampe.jpg

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I would guess there is another issue, which I suspected since you already had it running on Windows 10.


Maybe try to completely remove all related files and start from scratch to reinstall. I no longer have access to a HP 500 plotter.


Come to think of it, it took IT quite a while to get my HP 2300T drivers to work after the last Windows 10 update.


Maybe contact the HP forums to see if they have any suggestions.

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How do you use the Instant printing software, with the plotter connected to the USB socket and therefore not to the network? Thanks

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