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Automatically generate a wire number table from the wiring diagram of the electrical terminal block


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Just like the picture below, I can get the cable number, circuit number, terminal number, gear information by myself. Is there any script that can help me? I don't know anything about scripts, thank you friends, I will upload the original CAD drawings



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  • CADTutor changed the title to Automatically generate a wire number table from the wiring diagram of the electrical terminal block

Tricky since for example, some terminals will be empty, some with 1 wire, some 1 wire each side and some with 2 or more wires on a side, some terminal blocks could be 4 long, some could be 64 log - or whatever.


Quite a lot of variables that the LISP would have to consider, no doubt one of the experts on here could code it to build up a table automatically -  many hours later - and probably charge you as well.


What might be simper is the user selects each item of text used to create the table and then at the end of the routine create the table something like:

"Select Terminal Block Name: " .... user selection needed

Loop 1

"Select or enter Terminal Number"... user selection

"Select or enter Ferrule Number" .... user selection

"Select or enter Wire Number" ... user selection

"Select or enter Equipment Name" ... User Selection

"Create table / Select New Connection Option" .. user selection

... restart Loop 1 or create table as required


All of these texts can be stored as lists and the lists can make up a table. Since it is lists you can alter which order to select the data on the drawing as you want, might be that you create the table by cable, by terminal block or by equipment.


User selecting text is fairly easy with the entget commands - think it needs to be entget rather than selection set so that the user can specify what each text is from when it is selected,

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