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Copies content from multiple texts to multiple texts


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;; Copies content from multiple texts to multiple texts. - exceed 2022.01.12

(defun c:MTX (/ *error* ss1 ss1count ss1index ss1y ss1list ss1stacklist ss1ent ss1text ss2 ss2count ss2index ss2y ss2list ss2stacklist ss2ent ss2index2 ss1textfromstacklist ss2obj ss1notusedlist ss1notusedstacklist ss1notusedlength ss1notusedindex ss1notusedtextstr )
  (setvar 'cmdecho 0)
  (LM:startundo (LM:acdoc))
  ;error control
    (defun *error* ( msg )
        (LM:endundo (LM:acdoc))
        (if (not (wcmatch (strcase msg t) "*break,*cancel*,*exit*"))
            (princ (strcat "\n Error: " msg))

  (princ "\n Copies content from multiple texts to multiple texts.\n Select the original texts to be copied (only 1 column vertically)\n")

  ;select original texts
  (setq ss1 (ssget (list (cons 0 "*TEXT"))))
  (setq ss1count (sslength ss1))
  (setq ss1index 0)
  (setq ss1y 0)
  (setq ss1list nil)
  (setq ss1stacklist nil)

  ;get list of original texts ( y-coordinate textcontents )
  (repeat ss1count
    (setq ss1ent (entget (ssname ss1 ss1index)))
    (setq ss1text (cdr (assoc 1 ss1ent)))
    (setq ss1y (* (nth 2 (assoc 10 ss1ent)) -1))  ; * -1 for reverse y coordinates (for sorting)
    (setq ss1list (list ss1y ss1text))
    (setq ss1stacklist (cons ss1list ss1stacklist))
    (setq ss1index (+ ss1index 1))
  );end repeat

  ;(princ "\n original list : ")
  ;(princ ss1stacklist)

  ;sort original list
  (setq ss1stacklist (vl-sort ss1stacklist
                                      (lambda (x1 x2)(< (car x1) (car x2)))

  ;(princ "\n sorted original list : ")
  ;(princ ss1stacklist)

  (princ "\n Select the object texts to be pasted (only 1 column vertically)\n")

  ;select object texts
  (setq ss2 (ssget '((0 . "*TEXT"))) ) 
  (setq ss2count (sslength ss2))
  (setq ss2index 0)
  (setq ss2y 0)
  (setq ss2list nil)
  (setq ss2stacklist nil)

  ;get list of object texts ( y-coordinate index )
  (repeat ss2count
    (setq ss2ent (entget (ssname ss2 ss2index)))
    (setq ss2y (* (nth 2 (assoc 10 ss2ent)) -1)) ; * -1 for reverse y coordinates (for sorting)
    (setq ss2list (list ss2y ss2index))
    (setq ss2stacklist (cons ss2list ss2stacklist))
    (setq ss2index (+ ss2index 1)) 
  ;(princ "\n objectlist = ")
  ;(princ ss2stacklist)

  ;sort object list
  (setq ss2stacklist (vl-sort ss2stacklist
                                      (lambda (x1 x2)(< (car x1) (car x2)))

  ;(princ "\n sorted objectlist = ")
  ;(princ ss2stacklist)

  ;(princ "\n before adding missing things list : ")
  ;(princ ss1stacklist)
  ;if object list has more member than original list, add "___" at the end of original list, 
  ;to avoid errors, this part should precede the put-text loop.
  (if (> ss2count ss1count) 
         (repeat (- ss2count ss1count)
             (setq ss1stacklist (append ss1stacklist (list (list 0 "___")) ))
  ;(princ "\n after adding missing things list : ")
  ;(princ ss1stacklist)

  ;put the value 
  (setq ss2index2 0)
  (setq ss1textfromstacklist nil)

  (repeat ss2count
    (setq ss1textfromstacklist (cadr (nth ss2index2 ss1stacklist))) ;to Paste
    (setq ss2obj (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname ss2 (cadr (nth ss2index2 ss2stacklist)) )))
    (vla-put-textstring ss2obj ss1textfromstacklist)
    (setq ss2index2 (+ ss2index2 1)) 
  );end repeat

  ;make not used list (if original members more than object members)
  (setq ss1notusedlist nil)
  (setq ss1notusedstacklist nil)
  (if (< ss2count ss1count) 
         (repeat (- ss1count ss2count)
             (setq ss1notusedlist (nth ss2index2 ss1stacklist))
             (setq ss1notusedstacklist (cons ss1notusedlist ss1notusedstacklist))
             (setq ss2index2 (+ ss2index2 1))

  ;sort not used list
  (setq ss1notusedstacklist (vl-sort ss1notusedstacklist
                                         (lambda (x1 x2)(< (car x1) (car x2)))

 ;make string for not used list
 (setq ss1notusedlength (length ss1notusedstacklist))
 (setq ss1notusedindex 0)
 (setq ss1notusedtextstr "\n Not used original texts = ")
 (repeat ss1notusedlength
     (setq ss1notusedtext (vl-princ-to-string (cadr (nth ss1notusedindex ss1notusedstacklist))))
     (setq ss1notusedtextstr (strcat ss1notusedtextstr ss1notusedtext ", " ))
     (setq ss1notusedindex (+ ss1notusedindex 1))
 ;delete ", " end of str 
 (setq ss1notusedtextstrlen (strlen ss1notusedtextstr))
 (setq ss1notusedtextstr (substr ss1notusedtextstr 1 (- ss1notusedtextstrlen 2)))

 ;result message
  (princ (strcat "\n Original Texts : " (vl-princ-to-string ss1count) " ea / Object Texts : " (vl-princ-to-string ss2count) " ea \n"))
    ((> ss1count ss2count) (princ (strcat "\n Copying the contents of " (vl-princ-to-string ss2count) " texts is Complete. / " (vl-princ-to-string (- ss1count ss2count)) " ea original texts are not used." ss1notusedtextstr )))
    ((< ss1count ss2count) (princ (strcat "\n Copying the contents of " (vl-princ-to-string ss1count) " texts is Complete. / " (vl-princ-to-string (- ss2count ss1count)) " ea object texts are left. not enough original texts. they are replaced by ___")))
    ((= ss1count ss2count) (princ (strcat "\n Copying the contents of " (vl-princ-to-string ss2count) " texts is Complete. / The number of object and original is the same.")))
  (LM:endundo (LM:acdoc))
  (setvar 'cmdecho 1)
); end defun

;; Start Undo  -  Lee Mac
;; Opens an Undo Group.

(defun LM:startundo ( doc )
    (LM:endundo doc)
    (vla-startundomark doc)

;; End Undo  -  Lee Mac
;; Closes an Undo Group.

(defun LM:endundo ( doc )
    (while (= 8 (logand 8 (getvar 'undoctl)))
        (vla-endundomark doc)

;; Active Document  -  Lee Mac
;; Returns the VLA Active Document Object

(defun LM:acdoc nil
    (eval (list 'defun 'LM:acdoc 'nil (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))))


this is for practice vl-sort function. 

Copies contents from multiple texts to multiple texts in vertical 1 column

Someone must have made it, but I couldn't find it so made it.



This is useful for editing old-style tables (consisting of text and lines).

in example, when the text pasted from outside of AutoCAD, but it has a different form ... etc.






typo : object texts are not enough -> object texts are left. not enough original texts. 

I fixed in code, but I can't take screenshots again😅





Since it was built using y-value comparison, it's easy to create for x-values as well.

However, the reason why this lisp uses the y value

is the same as the reason why vlookup is used more than hlookup in excel. 😄


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