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3D Unfold app


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Hi, everyone,

My name is Lĩnh, from Vietnam.

I've done the initial release of an app to unfold a Solid to paper layout. I am waiting the Autodesk App Store to publish it but these days the store takes very long to review anything.
It is a free app. Purposes to create it are to master the polyline and 3d geometry programming technique in AutoCAD, and to promote my custom programming service.

I will be very happy if someone like it, use it, or point out the direction for it progress futher.

Currently I see I can use it to make some toy in paper for my son :)

Also, I see I can make an web app out from it via Forge: you upload your drawing with the 3D model to the web then the web return the unfold layouts for you to process further.

Anyway, currently, it is only available as a bundle to install to your local desktop PC.


The 7cad 3D Unfold.bundle.zip download link is here:



To install, just unzip it to the C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins folder. That is one of default locations for all addin for AutoCAD.

1st Command: 7cad_Unfold:

It has 2 tabs. The General Tab is for general shape. The second tab is for revolve shape which the unfold layout should be arrange smarter.

2 other commands are 7cad_FoldUp and 7cad_CutOut. FoldUp is just a demonstration command, animate the Unfold-FoldUp routine to check if everything are fit as expect. CutOut command is to join pieces together, like union command in AutoCAD, so you have cutout polylines ready for print.

Thank you,







The General Unfold routine is like this:



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Clarify the purpose
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On 1/17/2022 at 4:52 AM, Linh said:

Currently I see I can use it to make some toy in paper for my son :)

I hope for this

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